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We Are a Utah County Custom Home Builder 

“On Cloud 9” is an idiom that means a person feels very satisfied, happy, or ecstatic with joy. At Cloud 9 Creations, we build homes that make people happy or in a state of euphoria. We want you to feel on “Cloud 9” in your new home.

We have built homes in Utah County since 2012. With over 20 years of custom home building experience, we have a reputation of providing amazing value while being honest, transparent, and easy to work with.  

We take great pride in helping our clients love their custom home and enjoy the experience along the way. If you are considering building, we would love to guide you through the entire process of creating the home of your dreams.

Founder Story

Hi, I’m Bart!

I grew up building custom homes with my dad and enjoyed it so much that I started my own company in 2012Cloud 9 Creations. The name is a reflection of how my clients should be treated and how your home should be built. My clients should feel like they are on ‘cloud 9’ in their new homes. Not only that, but the homes I build aren’t just construction projects. They are creations because, rather than just construct, I create works of art. My goal is to create personalized homes that are unique, custom, and near perfect in their craftsmanship.

As you can imagine, I’m very hands-on and extremely involved in every project I do. I’m a perfectionist, so every creation done by Cloud 9 Creation has to be just rightor else I wouldn’t want my name on it. To ensure a flawless finish, I do all of the custom trim and woodwork in every home. I take pride in the finishes of every home and would even consider it my signature.

I love doing what I do and hope that is evident as I work with homeowners to create their dream home. Give me a call—I would love to create your Cloud 9 Creation!

Bart Dallin - Founder

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